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Do I really need a lawyer?

If you have been arrested, yes you do. If you have been formally charged with a crime in the State of Georgia, you need to hire an attorney to protect your rights and your interest. Attorney Chris McCormick will make clear the charges against you and your legal rights and assist you to take the first steps towards a much brighter future. Contact attorney Chris McCormick today.

I’m innocent, do I need a criminal defense attorney?

Accused of a crime you know you did not commit? If convicted, you will be subject to the same penalties as someone who actually did the crime. For that reason you must have a skilled, experienced defense attorney standing with you as you face the State of Georgia, with all of its power. You might think you can talk your way out of the charges, that surely the truth will come out in court and that you will be cleared of any crime, but please, do not be foolish with your freedom and future.

With a quality, well prepared attorney standing with you in court, helping you understand the complexities of court proceedings, you can have peace of mind knowing your future is in the hands of solid legal counsel. Without an attorney, you may not be able to substantiate your innocence in court. If the prosecution creates a convincing case against you, you may have to pay fines, go to jail or spend time in prison for a crime that you didn’t commit. Yes, if Charged with a crime in Georgia you do need a lawyer.

Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer really help?

With more than a decade of legal experience behind him, Attorney Chris McCormick has the know-how and practical skills to help you obtain the favorable case outcomes you need. Keep this in mind, an arrest does not mean that you will be convicted.

You can still avoid an unnecessary conviction and the penalties associated with it. Remember, the State of Georgia has to prove their case. The Law Office of Chris McCormick has the skill and experience to help you construct an effective case strategy. Attorney Chris McCormick is ready to help clients deal with any type of criminal defense case – including complex cases that involve white collar and sex crimes.

Do you feel like the evidence is stacked against you?

If you’ve been accused of a crime, your future, reputation, career and well-being are on the line. Working with attorney Chris McCormick ensures your rights will be protected. Attorney Chris McCormick offers you constitutional protection from a very powerful court system and the tedious legal proceedings surrounding your case. Hire attorney Chris McCormick and you will have unwavering dedication to your freedoms and rights when you need it the most.

We fight for those charged with a crime

Criminal lawyer Chris McCormick fights for his clients. His broad life experiences and extensive law education makes him an excellent Attorney, able to understand people’s needs and the legal system. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Georgia holding the Degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Master of Public Administration, and Juris Doctor. He clerked at the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Georgia and for the District Attorney’s Office in Athens, Georgia. He served as Senatorial Intern for United States Senator Johnny Isakson. He taught Undergraduate courses in American Government at the University of Georgia. He is fluent in Spanish having lived abroad in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Chris McCormick knows the courts, the law, and people, and uses that knowledge when building and presenting strong and compelling cases in court, providing criminal defense representation for felony and misdemeanor crimes.

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We are a bilingual firm passionate about helping our clients, and we look forward to helping you put criminal charges behind you.
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