What bankruptcy can & cannot do

An Alternative to Bankruptcy


It is always wise to consult with your bankruptcy lawyer in Cumming Georgia, at the McCormick Firm PC directly if you have any questions that you do not find on this list of facts.

Bankruptcy can:

  • dispute an inaccurate or unlawful claim of a creditor,
  • halt debt collection harassment, wage garnishments, or other tactics used to collect money from a debtor,
  • help stop your automobile from being repossessed,
  • ensure that repossessed property is returned,
  • restore a utility service.
  • help stop a utility service from being shut off,
  • halt a foreclosure on a home, and
  • provide an opportunity to catch up on late or missed payments on a home or motor vehicle.

Bankruptcy cannot:

  • protect those who have co-signed with you (A relative or friend that co-signs a loan which is later discharged through bankruptcy may still have to be repaid by that individual.)
  • discharge any debts that are accrued after a petition for bankruptcy has been filed, or
  • discharge certain types of debt. Child support, student loans, spousal support, court fines and restitution are all examples of types of debt that bankruptcy will not solve.

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